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​Covid 19 update:  Paddling Adventures, Lessons, and waterfront rentals will tentatively begin July 10th.  Once the Province of Ontario lifts the emergency declaration and The City of Barrie opens Centennial Beach we will set a firm opening date. Your patience is appreciated and we hope you stay safe and sound as we all try to work through this together.. As always, Happy Paddling, Stay Safe, and have a great day.

​​​​​What we have been working on!  

​​Your safety, our staff's safety, and the summer ahead!

HAPPYPADDLING continues to address the challenges posed by Covid 19 and we will be implementing the following Covid 19 measures when we are able to open:  

* Our Covid 19 guidelines will be based on provincial recommendations and will include social distancing, frequent hand washing/use of hand sanitizer, respiratory etiquette, the use of a non surgical mask when appropriate, as well as any other measures deemed appropriate by the province for a business such as ours.

* We ask you, our customer, to bring and to wear a non surgical mask when interacting with our staff and ask that you follow the Covid 19 personal hygiene protocols.

* We will continually monitor provincial guidelines/recommendations and communicate with our staff on an ongoing basis to review our practices and update as necessary.

* We are awaiting direction from the Province on what additional measures will be necessary for social gathering sizes as we plan for the summer.  Based on their guidelines/recommendations we will fine-tune when we can open, how much inventory will be made available, as well as our hours of operation.

​​​* We will be sanitizing equipment between rentals and at the end of each day.

* Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Rental start times will now be off set by 1/2 hour from each other with start times set up as time slots.  Just like show times when you go to the movies.  Predetermined start times and offset Kayak and Stand Up Paddle board start times will assist us with social distancing, while also providing us time to sanitize equipment between rental periods.

​* Please bring a T-Shirt or something similar to wear underneath you life jacket.  This will help us with sanitizing the life jackets between use.

* We encourage you to use our online booking system to book in advance to ensure we have equipment waiting for you when you arrive.  Social distancing and sanitizing measures will impact availability and inventory.  It will be best to book ahead.
* For those already here enjoying the waterfront.  We have changed our booking software to allow bookings right up to 1 hour before the rental time slot begins.  This makes your bookings much more convenient and shows real time availability.  No more standing in line to ask, your phone will show what we have and the next available time slot.  We would also like to ask our waterfront walk up customers to utilize credit, debit, or electronic payments when you can so our staff do not have to handle cash.

​​* For everyone's safety and comfort, please respect and abide by the provincially recommended COVID 19 safety practices while enjoying your time with us.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

All the best

Mike & Ann 

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