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Several types of Canoes are available in the market place and all types are welcome in our introduction to Canoeing Skills Course.  When entering our Canoeing program we recommend learning these new skills with the equipment you already use and are familiar with.  However, if required, canoes and required safety equipment is available to rent for $24.99 per session.


The Course is designed to provide a preliminary foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for calm and close to shore lake paddling. The items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to all canoeists as they develop their basic canoeing skills and knowledge to the lake environment.Canoeing Basic Tandem provides the theory and skills necessary for paddling close to shore in a calm lake environment or in a pool environment. The program includes: basic equipment care and knowledge, basic forward and turning skill development, and may include demonstrated rescue techniques.

Maximum course size is eight (Small Class Size, Instructor/Student ratio is 1:8)

$159.00 per person